I’ve had excellent service from Satish. If any problem arises with any of my websites, I email Satish for help and he responds quickly. The great thing about Satish is that he really understands about blogging. Whereas some developers I’ve worked with in the past don’t have that background. Whether it’s a big task like fixing a hack attack, or a blog re-development, or whether it’s just a small task that needs doing – Satish is an excellent choice. His communication is great, he has a fast response, and his fee is modest. And he is a person of integrity. I wholeheartedly recommend him to any person with a blog or a website!
– Mary Jaksch, AlistBloggingBootcamps.com

Arvind devalia

“Satish worked on a number of consulting projects with me and each time he was spot on with delivering just what the client needed. He also went the extra mile to fulfil the client’s needs. So often a client does not even know what they require, and Satish was able to exceed their expectations. He thoroughly understands the world of blogging, not only from the technical aspect but also what it takes to create a successful blog. I can wholeheartedly recommend Satish’s services – you will be glad you chose him to work on your blog.”
– Arvind Devalia, blog consultant and blogger at ArvindDevalia.com

Robin Easton

“After trying tech after tech, two friends told me about Satish. My blog had been hacked and he rescued it with lightening speed. What I love about Satish is that he responds immediately to emails, he is professional and works very fast. He had my blog up and running overnight. Satish also is honest, which is very reassuring. I so enjoyed his attention to detail and his quick understanding and knowledge of any problem I threw at him. I had to do little explaining, which was so refreshing. I felt I was in the hands of someone highly capable who knew what they were doing. I couldn’t have picked a better tech. I only wish I’d known about him sooner. Thank you for all your help Satish. With your integrity and skills you will go far in life.”
— Robin Easton, writer, speaker, musician. and nature photographer NakedInEden.com

David Raybould

I needed a few blog tweaks that would take me forever to figure out on my own. I know very little about CSS, PHP and other coding. Satish helped tweak a few things quickly and easily, he did more than I had asked for. He also helped to make my blog load faster. Great value for money. I would highly recommend his services.
– David Raybould, SimplySnowboard.com

Danielle Brower

“My blog needed a fresh look & a more professional avenue by which I could connect to my readers. From the moment Satish began to upgrade my blog, I knew I was in good hands. He not only was quick with his responses to my slew of questions, but was kind and generous throughout the entire process. Satish is like a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to work with!” – Danielle Brower, Live4Change.net


There are lots of people who probably have the technical know-how to move your blog from one platform or template to another. But only Satish would literally pull an all nighter to make sure everything, and I mean everything, was put back in the right place and functioning properly. There are always hiccups. The key is finding someone who is passionate about taking care of you and your website. That person is Satish. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing technical help and exceptional personal service. Thanks, Satish!
-Jennifer Gresham, Everydaybright.com


I recommend Satish without reservation for technical help with a wordpress blog. Simply said, he is awesome! He responds quickly, his work is at a high standard of excellence, and he is easy to communicate with. You can’t go wrong by having Satish work on your blog.
– Gail Brenner, AflourishingLife.com

Roger Massicotte

“ I am new to blogging and have no technical knowledge about WordPress. I needed some adjustments to my Blog and convert it from English language to French. Although Satish has no knowledge of French language, he did understand my needs and did what was needed to resolve my problem. It was done fast, professionally and at a fair price. I am very pleased with his work and would not hesitate to deal with him in the future.”
– Roger Massicotte, Maviemesfinances.com

Angela Artemis

“Satish was excellent to work with. He is a master at all the technical ins and outs that frustrate many bloggers. I was able to send him a list of the things I was trying to accomplish and he took it from there!

This freed me up to do what I do best – write. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs technical assistance with a website or blog.”
– Angela Artemis, Poweredbyintuition.com

Scott Dinsmore

“I have worked with a lot of outsource groups for web development and coding. Satish stood out among the rest in a big way with his savvy with the code as well as his super fast turn around with my projects. It’s so important to have someone to turn to when things come up, big or small, so I can continue to focus on my core business. Satish played a crucial role in the rebranding of my blog and I look forward to doing more work with him in the future. Huge thanks!”
– Scott Dinsmore, LiveYourLegend.net

Karen Daniels

I would absolutely recommend Satish for any website or blog. I’ve worked as an online professional for many years now and can say that Satish is one of those rare web developers who does what is requested correctly and ON TIME. He is able to track down and resolve issues, which is a vital skill because Internet down time can be very detrimental. He is also good at going with the flow and when you want your logo “a little to the left” or “just a hair off center” he is pleasant about making the changes. Whether you have a big website or blog, one or many, Satish can help you out, make your site better, get you out of website crisis, and help you stay where you need to be – up and running.
– Karen Daniels, author, blogger, and content specialist at zencopy.com

Karen van der Zee, blogging as Miss Footloose

I’d been blogging for well over a year with a Blogspot name and theme when I was advised to get my own url and move to WordPress. Satish took on the job of migrating my blog from Blogger to WordPress and he may well regret this forever! It was a very problematic and frustrating process since my blog had many hundreds of comments and photos. Satish spent many hours, days, and nights working on getting the job done right, and I can testify to his determination and persistence to overcome the obstacles put in his way no matter how long it took.
– Karen van der Zee, blogging as Miss Footloose Lifeintheexpatlane.com

Marthe Hagen

“Satish provided excellent service when helping me move my blog. He responded quicly and fixed my problems within hours of the initial request. Satish was great to communicate with and he really understood my needs and wants. He also explained a lot to me so I could easily understand and follow up on what he was doing. I recommend Satish to anyone who needs help with the technical side of blogging. I will definitely use Satish again in the future so I can free up time to do what I love most; write.”
– Marthe Hagen, TheFreedomExperiment.com


“I strongly recommend Satish to anyone who is experiencing technical hitches or glitches with their website. As a blogger it can be so frustrating when something goes technically wrong. Especially when you start to mess around with it yourself in the hope of fixing it and discover that hours have gone by, you’ve missed all your deadlines and your daughter has sent you five texts asking to be collected from the train station. Todays glitch was a tricky one, but Satish took it on board and dealt with it in less than an hour for an extremely reasonable price. He is wonderful to communicate with, and you can see that he enjoys getting to the root of the problem by the speed at which he works. Next time I have a technical issue I’ll skip the part where I waste hours trying to fix it myself and just call on Satish.”
– Rosemary Hannan, offbeatwoman.com


“Satish’s work is amazing! I am very new to blogging and am a writer by trade so I just wanted to write. A mutual friend suggested I connect with Satish who advised me to get a more professional look to my blog. He set me up with WordPress and very patiently answered all my questions and concerns. I now have a blog that looks terrific, so now the pressure is on to back it up with great content. Satish took me light years forward in the process–I highly recommend his expertise.”
– Beth Wilson, BhereToday.com


“Satish has been a pleasure to work with. He communicates very well, he’s efficient and he goes above and beyond. I couldn’t be happier with the service he’s provided. I literally reached out to Satish to inquire about his services and he was working on my blog within an hour. I was amazed at how fast we were able to get started, frankly. He transferred my blog from Blogger to WordPress, a task which would’ve probably taken me days to get right. He was able to accomplish this w/in a few hours. I had many request for plug in’s after the site was up and running and Satish always delivered. There’s no question when I’m looking for help, I will look to Satish.” – Jon Giganti, MyFourteenForty.com

Sharon Sim-Krause

“Satish is the GURU of WordPress. He has helped me solve technical problems in minutes while I had taken hours trying to troubleshoot on my own.

He is highly skilled in PHP, HTML, CSS and the entire alphabet soup related to the technical setup of websites or blogs.
Above his technical expertise, he is kind, generous, sincere and an all-around great guy!”
– Sharon Sim-Krause, Shotofinspiration.com

Gina Ryan

“Working with Satish made what could have been both confusing and overwhelming, understandable and actually easy! I had a number of questions and many changes back and forth, Satish was quick with his responses, always professional and very knowledgeable. I will not hesitate to call him for my technical blog issues, Satish is first on my list!”
– Gina Ryan, NourishingByHeart.com

You are the best….I am blessed to know you and have your help! Be well and Happy. Aloha, Gina


“It is very reassuring to know that Satish and his team are always there to help. From half a world away – UK – I asked him to sort out a problem on my blog. He was fast, efficient and thorough.
I have no hesitation in recommending ‘technotip’ as a reliable source of help when blogging problems arise.”
– Linda Hewett, PositiveSpinBlog.com


Satish helped me to move my blog from WordPress.com to a self-hosted WordPress.org site – the task I dreaded for a long time. He made the transition so well-organized and painless, I couldn’t believe my luck. As a non-techy person I always worry about things being misunderstood and lost in translation from English to Geek. With Satish there was no ‘language barrier.’ He knew exactly what my site needed and performed all services, big and small, professionally and with high attention to detail.

I was astounded by the amount of extra work Satish dedicated to my website. Here is just a fraction of what he did in addition to blog migration: he organized my blog, transferred theme and plugins, SEOed it, made it load faster (a big deal for a highly visual design blog like mine), submitted the blog to search engines… Not to mention, answered all my emails and explained in detail the processes to me. All for one modest fee! I can never recommend him enough.

My blog is my virtual home. Satish helped me to stay in control of it. If I ever need any work done in the future – I will invite him again in a heartbeat.

– Natalia Repolovsky, creator and editor of Shoebox Dwelling


Thank you so much for all your help. I am very satisfied and will visit the forum with any future questions. I have sent your payment – you are worth every penny.

“Thank you Satish for all your help with my blog and website. Your expertise and fast work was so appreciated. I found working with you very enjoyable and your reasonable rates attractive. Thanks again and I will certainly recommend your work to my colleagues.”
– Jane Robinson, creator and editor of ArtEpicurean

Fran Sorin

“I wholeheartedly recommend Satish to anyone who needs help with the technical end of WordPress. As a new blogger, his work on the SEO, plug ins, and anything else that helps to optimize my blog has been invaluable. His turn around time is excellent, no question or request goes unanswered, and his integrity is unquestionable. I plan on using Satish on future projects.”
– Fran Sorin, Author, CBS Radio News Contributor AwakeCreate

Jodi Chapman

Satish is so knowledgeable and also very helpful. I am a writer and a blogger – definitely not a programmer or someone who knows how to fix strange issues that pop up now and then in WordPress. That’s where Satish comes in! He knows just what to do to keep my blog running smoothly. I definitely recommend him – he’s kind, helpful, and really knows his stuff!
– Jodi Chapman, Bestselling author of Soulful Journals
Jodi Chapman

Linda C. Thomas

Satish is knowledgeable, professional and listens to what you have to say. He quietly, assuredly completes the job. Satish, you are my go to guy for any and all tech jobs.
– Linda C. Thomas, Author – Good Race Vibes: Everything You Need to Know to Feel Good About Race.
Linda C. Thomas

Lee Jenna Tyler

In the world of the internet, it is hard to find well-qualified and trustworthy people when you are in a bind. Satish is just the person you have been looking for. The minute I first began discussions with him, I felt like he understood what I needed without elaboration and he took care of the frustration and came back to me with reassuring words. What I find most striking about Satish is his trustworthiness, not only in knowledge but quick response and skill; always finding and fixing additional quirks as a bonus. Since the first contact with him I have always felt not only well taken care of, but in the hands of someone with a big heart. That is very rare. Satish has come to my aid on my website several times; always with a reassuring word as he fixes the problem and immediately emails me back. His prices are the most reasonable anyone can ask for in a well-trained and trustworthy web designer. I truly wish everyone handled business like Satish; but we can all count ourselves lucky to be able to at least have him by our sides.

– Lee Jenna Tyler, Psychology, PR, Marketing, Concierge, Company Manager, freelance writer, working on 3 books.ThePointOfTheQuill.com

Gary Korisko

I turned to Satish to help me with a domain migration. He immediately knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish, and even suggested additional steps that I would have never thought of. Satish is reasonably priced, expertly skilled, and on top of all that – he’s a great guy. Working with him was a pleasure. I don’t see myself ever using anyone other than Satish. Not only did he get the job I requested super quickly, but somehow my site even runs faster now! If you want fast, quality work done by a skilled professional who you can trust completely – call on Satish.

– Gary Korisko, National recruiting, sales development guy, trainer, late night writer of content. Reboot Authentic!

Dean Brightman

I’m definitely a blogging novice. I upgraded my platform to WordPress, but needed to get all my old blog posts migrated to the new blog. Satish patiently walked me through each step and went above and beyond to do all the legwork necessary to get the job done. If I ever need technical assistance in the future (I’m sure I will!), I will not hesitate to reach out to Satish again.
– Dean Brightman, TheBeerverse