1-2-3 Steps, To Get Highly Targeted Subscribers

Some Facts
Did you know, if you send 100 people to your landing page, only 1 or 2 people signup!
And did you know, you can increase this conversion rate by 700% by these simple 1-2-3 steps.

This is completely legitimate and most online guru’s use this to build their list faster, hence make more money then any of you.

So, do you like to earn more money by helping more people ? If you said YES, then read till the end and you will thank me for telling this.


Secret To Building Email List Faster:
1. Good Karmalist Machine (free software)
2. Squeeze Theme/page (premium)
3. Pop up Domination (premium)

1. Good Karma List Machine
Its the reward system, where you give one free thing(may be a ebook) for subscribing to your list. And you will give another free gift(may be another ebook or a video or an audio interview etc) for referring 3 friends to signup to your news letter. Karma list machine software handles all these for you and runs complete on autopilot.
So this goes viral and you get subscribers at the speed of Indian taxi meter!

Mary Jaksch of alistbloggingbootcamps recently recommended this in one of the bootcamps. And there are numerous success stories associated with this simple script.

2. Squeeze Theme/page
What is the conversion rate on your regular signup page ? You bet, its less than 3% – 5%. Squeeze pages are specially designed to make the process less distractive.

Squeeze Theme

And using this squeeze theme people have doubled, tripled, quadrupled their conversion rate. People like Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur’s Journey uses and recommends this piece of software. This is basically used to create nice, less distractive landing page, which have proved to be very efficient.
This is a paid theme and you can have a look at Squeeze theme for details.

3. Pop up Domination
Even though this is a proven method and most internet marketers use it and recommend it, it depends on individual choice. But popup’s have proved time and again to be the most effective way to increase your conversion rate. Pop up Domination plugin is a smart plugin. It doesn’t annoy your readers. You can show it to your visitor only once. If they don’t like it, they will never be presented with the popup again. The popup design is pleasing and compelling, thus boosting the signup ratio. If you are serious about your business and want to grow your list, then you must give it a try. It is a premium plugin. For more details visit Pop up Domination.

What we do
We know how important it is for your business to grow and how much of your time is needed to nurture your blog/business. Keeping this in mind, we are providing this service of installing and configuring all these software for you, so that you can concentrate 100% on the most important thing, i.e., Content Generation.

Cost of service: Free Service.

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Money Is In The List: Build it, orelse you will regret.

Wisdom Words!

yaro-Starak“If you know anything about online marketing you know that an email list is probably the most important ingredient for success.”
– Yaro Starak, Entrepreneur’s Journey