Custom Application Development: using PHP & MySQL

We are passionate in dedicating ourself and building custom applications for our customers.

Technology used
We love PHP and MySQL, due to its flexibility, robustness and ease of use.


What Kind of projects we undertake
1. Building custom websites, using WordPress.
2. Building custom websites, without WordPress.
3. Adding functionality to an existing website.
4. Building stand alone web applications.
5. eCommerce site.
6. Static website with minimum features.
7. Portfolio site.
8. Portals.
We can even help with hosting of the application we develop.
You can even hire people for the maintenance of the server.

Use the form below and mail us about your requirement and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Customer Support
We will provide customer support for the product we have developed, for about 60 days from the day of deployment.
We are second to non in customer support. You will get a response from us within 24hrs, even if its a government holiday. Because, we live on our own terms and more than that, we love working for our company.

We have done quite a few online projects. If you want to have a look at a small online application we have developed, then have a look at Member’s Blog script. This was a deal we got from Leo Babauta and Mary Jaksch.

Simple History
I (Satish) have been doing this freelance web development works from almost 4 – 5 years now. I strongly believe that academic achievements do not have anything to do with this, but nontheless, I have completed my Masters degree in Computer Applications.
I have worked with clients from United States, UK, Australia, New Zealand and many more countries. Now I have setup a small company and have a small team of highly qualified and honest people to work with.

We operate from our small office from INDIA. Our office and home is located in city called Davanagere, which is approximately 200km away from the silicon city Bangalore.

This highly depends on the kind of project and the number of hours it may take us to build it.
Typically our custom application quote starts from $250 – $300 per application.

Testimonial from people with whom I have worked.

If you are not satisfied, you will get 100% money back. Yes, you read it right – its 100% money back. No questions asked.