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In this fast evolving economy our salary has somehow lagged behind – for unknown reasons. But employees must be up to date and be evolved with current trend and speed of getting things done. This brings up a very important question to every one of us – Faster economy, increased cost of living, low paying jobs. Where is the balance?

Most people don’t want to get caught up with the 9 to 5 job but then there is no other option – you need to pay back education loan. If you stay further in the job, you may have to take more loan to balance your life and you will be forced to stay in the vicious circle for far longer than you actually wished to stay.

Many people ask me, if they can do some part time work when they are not pretending to work when they are at work/office. I suggested them, you need to work when you are at work – once you are back home, however, you can take 1 or 2 hours from your personal life and invest it in perceiving your passion(and find a way to monetize it). We all have the power within us to realize our dreams, achieve great things, lead a great life with amazing life style and make huge impact on so many peoples lives all over the world. I’ve reached more than a million people from my own works. And I’ve taught the same steps I’ve been following to so many of my clients and they’ve been greatly successful with their finances and most of them have taken it full time and are leading a splendid life style with the love of their life.

About the eBook
It is packed with valuable content to help you achieve financial freedom (by applying the strategies I teach in the book). They’re simple techniques and are proven to work time and again for my clients. I’ve packed my 6+ years of experience working online into the book and have made sure it’s organized in a way which is helpful to consume in small chunks. Even if you start working for 2 hrs a day on the strategies am teaching in this book, you’ll start seeing the results within 10 to 15 days.


This book is not about helping you make small profits – it’s about helping you achieve/attract fortune and a MASSIVE success. Invest in this book, only if you are committed to having massive success in your life. Get this book only if you have big dreams. Get this book if you want to celebrate your life in bigger ways and lead an awesome lifestyle. Get this book if you want to live a life bigger than just you. Get this book if you want to provide same awesome life and life style to your loved ones. If you’re just looking for a profit, you can easily get it via so many different other ways, need not invest in book like Millionaire Mastermind – this book is beyond profit mindset.

Topics covered:
The Mindset shift that will attract wealth/success in to your life.
All the working strategies for effective blogging – also technical aspects of blogging(including the installation procedure).
Effective monetization strategies for your blog.
Blog as an effective marketing tool.
Freelancing guide – implement immediately and earn thousands of dollars every month.
Pro-Productivity tips to double, triple or quadruple your productivity and revenue from your business.
Blogging v/s Freelancing v/s Affiliate Marketing v/s Product Creation
How you can make your life fulfilling with your works.
Psychology of Business.
All about product creation.
All you need to know to start selling immediately.
Secrets of getting highly targeted traffic.
Strategies to build a responsive list.
Strategies for a successful product launch.
Automating list building, marketing, selling, product delivery, and customer relationship management ..and much more

Once you learn the art of automating your business process, you’ll have much more time for your own life.

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”
― Seth Godin

Testimonials from amazing people

Featured testimonial

Daniel Scocco

 Satish has been working with various online projects for many years, and he gained a lot of experience along the way. What I like about his ebook is the broadness of topics. You’ll read about useful tools, tech tips, business strategy and more. 

Daniel Scocco

Bonus offer
Success leaves clues – so we asked successful bloggers and entrepreneurs about their journey. You’ll be blown away by knowing their secrets to success. We are giving this “Mastermind” interview series book absolutely free – as a bonus – when you purchase “Millionaire Mastermind”.


( ..more interviews coming soon and all the further interviews will be provided to you for no extra cost)


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