Dynamic Image Slider / Gallery: jQuery

It was fun playing around and creating this awesome jQuery Dynamic Image Slider application.

Dynamic Image Gallery With Caption

Its basically an existing plugin called skitter, which has the following features

1. Image Slider
2. Caption For Images
3. Hyperlink Each Image
4. Full-screen view
5. Auto play (ON / OFF)
6. 30+ Animations of Images
7. Easy Navigation of Images
8. Preview of Images while navigating
9. Hover Over slider to pause the show
10. Progress bar at the top of image gallery

..and the good news is, it’s free of cost. So whenever there is an update to skitter, you can upgrade it for free.

Now our application integrated with Skitter!

11. Dynamic Image Slider
12. Dynamic Caption For Images
13. Dynamically Hyperlink Each Image
14. Easily Create Categories
15. Easily upload and manage images
16. Inline Editing of Category and Image information
17. Sophisticated admin panel with secure login to manage image gallery
18. Inline Image Caption editing
19. Image Deleting
20. Inline Category Editing
21. Inline Ordering/Arranging of Category
22. Inline Ordering/Arranging of Images
23. With 1 click, Set Cover Image to each Category
24. Horizontal scroll bar to select overflow category ..etc etc
( Best on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox )
25. Fully AJAXified admin panel

Adding Category:


Editing Image Information:


How To Use ?
If you own a interior design website, add this image slider application and showcase your best designs:
Create categories like:
Hall Design
Bedroom Design
Kitchen Design
Bathroom Design etc

and in each category upload respective images. That’s it. Now you’re customers / clients would love to sit and watch the show.
This would eliminate the tedious job of showing each of your prospective clients your design or the house you’re selling(offer).

If you have a jewellery shop, you could create different categories and showcase your unique design and attract more customers.

Easy to Use and Maintain.
You can stand out and do business in style, while you’re competitors are still doing everything manually.
You can reach out more customers, as your image gallery will be online and available to your visitors 24×7.
More people you show your work / design / offer, the more chances you’ll have them purchase your product.


PS: Shortly the price is going to be $22. This is an introductory offer, so grab it!