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    I wonder, still so many people are making use of Internet Explorer!

    Problem with IE is they have their own standards and they don’t obey all the rules set by 3rd party web standards organizations, hence the incompatibilities. Developers have to concentrate on any one standard, if they follow Microsoft, then they’re missing out awesome people who use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

    Most people still use Internet Explorer, as it comes shipped with their Operating Systems like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and the latest Windows 8. And many people may not be knowing the advantage of Chrome and Firefox and the new version of Opera browsers.

    These browsers run online applications like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TwitFever, Mint4u etc and organize memory in a optimum way. More importantly, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox follow the web standards and implements the new changes immediately.

    For Example: The most popular CSS3 and HTML5 has already been implemented on Chrome and Firefox, and they are testing on some of the other latest tags. They even support HTML5 video and audio tags.

    I know IE browser is one of the best mobile browser, but that is it!
    It has to make a long way to match with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

    Whats more Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are open source, hence free to download, install and use šŸ˜‰

    I highly recommend you to download and install Google Chrome and/or Mozilla Firefox immediately.

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