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    Hacked websites look like graveyards most of the time.

    If you are selling something or storing some information about your clients, and your website is hacked once; and your clients will be uncomfortable to have their info with you; so you lose your valuable customers.

    People lose trust in you and your website and in your business.

    They don’t want to be in someone’s hand who isn’t secure enough.

    So what are some of the measures you can take to be more secure.
    Yes I say more secure and not 100% secure. Because, there is nothing like 100% secure online. Whatever is online, it isn’t secure. We just need to make it as secure as possible.

    So here we go:
    1. Regularly backup your database. Use some automatic backup plugin’s, like WordPress Database Backup which mails you your blogs backup periodically.
    2. Make sure your hosting company takes backup of your blog regularly. So that it can restore in case of bad situations.
    3. Your hosting company has 24×7 support. Chat support provides immediate response, so I prefer it.
    4. Make sure to update all the plugins that you have installed.
    5. Install the latest version of CMS you’re using. Update it whenever there is a patch released. It is very important to run your website/blog using the latest versions of CMS.

    6. Make sure not to allow users to get into subfolders. Ex: Your image folders.
    Simple solution to this problem is to create a index.html file and drop it inside the image folder.
    7. Install plugins like Login Lock down. Which will lock the login form, if someone repeatedly tries to log into your admin area and fails. He/she will be locked for certain amount of time. This will frustrate the one who is trying all possible combination of username/passwords to get into your admin area.

    8. Make sure your webhosting company’s support staff know WordPress(or the CMS you’re using) very well and can support you in case of troubles.
    9. Keep changing your passwords. And do not have the default username like: admin!

    I have been a customer of wide variety of hosting companies..from Yahoo! to Doreo to DreamHost to HostGator. But nothing beats the support and backup facility that HostGator give.
    Well Doreo had best support, but not 24×7. HostGator has 24×7 chat support and they also take regular backup. With one shoot of a mail, your blog will be restored by their support staff and your blog will be up and in normal state.

    I’m not just recommending them, I’m using them myself for all my hosting needs. They are affordable too. Whatelse we can ask for?

    As a bonus, we get free hosting for 1 full month. If we like it, we can stay with them, if not no questions asked.
    Double bonus, you also get $100 free Google Adword coupon to advertise your business/product/service.


    Use first months free hosting, write a better ad copy, use this free $100 coupon and I’m sure, you’ll want to continue with HostGator.

    We could get some valid offer / discount coupons / for you from HostGator:

    Hosting: HostGator “Baby Plan“. Use discount coupon “TechnotipDOTorg” (without quotes) and you will get first month hosting for FREE. You will also get $100 worth Free Google Adword Advertising along with hosting account.
    Use “alistblogger” (without quotes) and you will get 25% off of your hosting bill. You will also get $100 worth Free Google Adword Advertising along with hosting account.

    Would love to see our readers/friends/followers/fans take full advantage of it and improve their business and life.

    Remember, I’ve already spent a lot of years trying to figureout good hosting companies; in the process of trying, I’ve lost a lot of money too. I just wish, you don’t waste your precious time and hard earned money. Just make use of these free coupons and get started immediately. Block all the negative thinking. Start today, Today Is The Only Best Day.

    If you’re already hosting your blog/webistes with other hosting companies, then there is a good news, you can transfer your blogs/websites to hostgator easily. Let us know, and we’ll help you with the process.

    Remember, its not about trying to save some dollars or pennies; it’s about building a bigger and better business, so that you can spend/invest more and have a happy, independent and tension free life and living.


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