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    This is a guest post by Tamara Matthews. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guest post guidelines.

    As of the year 2011, Verizon Wireless stood as the largest mobile network operator in the United States. A venture of Verizon Communications, Verizon is a trusted name when it comes to communications and internet providers in the United States. Their USP lies in their services which are broad ranged. Consumers find it easier to deal with them as the Verizon Internet Plans are varied and pocket friendly. Users can choose according to their preferences.

    It is high speed internet that we are talking about here as it is that Verizon has put on offer. There is quite a handful that one can choose from starting right from fibre optic broadband access that is like super fast, high speed internet access and Verizon Wireless Internet Access.

    Need is what justifies your choice of plans and with Verizon; one really does not have to bother. The Starter Plan is the very initial plan that Verizon gifts to its consumers. This plan provides a speed up to 1Mbps but it is contract based and covers a time span of 1 year or 2 years. If you are not satisfied with this speed, then the Verizon Power Plan which provides a speed of nearly 3Mbps can be a good choice. The added advantage of this plan is that you get a free Wi-Fi access. The Verizon Turbo Plan snatches the limelight among the Verizon Internet plans on offer. With a speed up to 7.1Mbps and accompanied by a free Wi-Fi access, this plan is a sure shot success among consumers. A small tip to save money, try opting for the two year plans rather than the one year ones.

    Among the Verizon Internet plans, the Verizon FiOS Internet service is also a heart winner. If you are looking for some super duper internet access, then try settling for this one. It won’t disappoint you for sure. Being a fibre optic service, it provides guaranteed high speed. The speed that is offered ranges something around 15Mbps – 50 Mbps. However, it is the package that will decide the speed. It is perfect who can be termed as heavy internet users. What makes it a further lucrative deal is the free Verizon wireless router.

    Other Verizon Internet plans are also on offer. For example if you have opted for America’s Choice Plan, then the Mobile web package is available easily at 5 dollars a month. According to this plan, the consumer can use the built in browser in their phone to surf the net. The cost is counted only in minutes.

    One can also go for the nationwide plans which allow use of the browser automatically. However, costs are little higher in this case – around 1.99 dollars per megabyte.
    Options are also available if the consumer does not want to use the built in browser. Then the phone can be turned into a modem through the use of Broadband Access Connect. Charges can be around 15 dollars a month if the plan includes an unlimited data feature. All consumers having the VZEmail plan have to pay $30 a month. In the absence of any one of them, the charges go up to $59.99 per month. All of the Verizon Internet plans, particularly the Broadband Access Connect Plans, consumers are given around 5 GB of data.
    The best is always kept for the last and this plan features among one of the most sought after Verizon Internet plans. It is for those who use a PC card for their laptop or get a USB modem.
    Verizon Internet Plans are therefore the talk of the day with their multiple choices. Consumers are happy as they are getting value back for their money. Moreover, Verizon promises great technical support which ensures that consumers can use their high speed internet service without any hassle.

    Tamara Matthews is the editor of a renowned broadband technology company. Tamara likes to share her knowledge and ideas on broadband and cable providers. You can check her latest articles: Verizon internet plans, AT&T internet etc.

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