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    First step is to get started.

    Take the first step, don’t try to figure-out everything before getting started!


    Start and be active and figure-out along the way.


    These are a must thing:

    1. A website.

    2. Opt-in email list building mechanism.

    3. A free ebook or some stuffs to help visitors decide on opt-in!

    4. Basic SEO.

    5. Decent design.

    6. A blog along with the standard website, to attract more organic traffic.

    7. Finish writing the book. 

    8. Optimize the blog, site to suit with the keywords you want to rank.

    9. Concentrate on conversion rates..

    10. Advertise.

    11. Socialize.

    12. Get Partners / promoters / affiliates.

    13. Collect testimonials from your readers.

    14. Write some more books on related topic and make sure you have more  products for your loyal readers.

    15. Always concentrate on providing value. Customer support. etc

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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