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    You’ll have to know these two type of turnings; these are the technical terms and if you miss understanding them, you’re missing big thing.

    Make sure to look both sides before turning.

    U Turn: Turn the steering fully and as quickly as possible. and once the car is turned to the direction you want, release the steering and turn it back to its original position quickly.

    L Turn: Turn the steering only once. i.e., one round. Once the car comes to the desired position, bring the steering back to its normal position.

    Tip: Release the steering a little earlier before the car is fully turned. Because in the time period you turn the steering back to its normal position, the car would have turned fully.

    Make sure to adjust the seat and make sure you’re comfortable. This helps in rotating the steering smoothly.

    Steering is ofcourse connected with the wheels and the wheels turn in the direction you turn the steering.

    Do not apply acceleration while in the turn, unless you have to drive against the uphill.
    If there is down, just apply the clutch and the car will simply move.

    While learning. Be in first gear, and do not keep your legs on the acceleration, brake or clutch.
    In first gear, the car moves slowly, and you can learn to handle the steering to move the car to U turn and L turn.



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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