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    Need A Suggestion
    I want to learn C programming Language and Decided to Learn C++.

    Can you please Suggest me that which Books should i Study and is it Right to Start with C++ instead of Learning C First?

    I think C++ and C are same but have little Differences. And i also want to Know the Performance Difference b/w C++ and Java. And which Programming would you more Prefer ?

    Reply As Soon As Possible!



    C++ = C + Objected Oriented Concepts

    To learn C++ You need to have the knowledge of ‘C’ so better you first learn ‘C’ and then ‘C++’
    in C++ you get introduced to programming approach known as “Object Oriented Programming” on this concept itself all real time soft wares have been developed. ‘C’ uses “Procedure Oriented Programming” Approach which has many limitation’s and those limitations are solved in ‘C++’.

    ‘Java’ uses most of the Object Oriented Concepts of ‘C++’ and also adds some new features to it.
    In java most of the things are all ready defined you just need to make use of it.
    so first learn ‘C’ then ‘C++’ and then ‘JAVA’. this is best way of learning.



    Starting with C is best. As you would learn the basics of programming and the way computer programs work: the building blocks.

    If you know C, it would be easy to understand the concepts present in C++. If you directly jump into C++ it would be like throwing someone into ocean inorder to train him/her to swim!

    So its a better approach to learn C first, later learn the object oriented concepts and the representation of real world problems in programmatic way in C++, which would help you to understand and make use of Java components and other features present in Java to solve real world problems



    Ok thanks for Brief Reply, Last think i want to Ask is That, i have started Studying “Ivor Horton” Book “” and Hope that it will Help me to Learn the Basics. Can i Learn “C” by Only Studying Book and Applying Examples and figuring Out myself, or i really need a teacher.

    Thanks Once again for replying Soon.



    As i know Book is the Best Teacher,You go through the book understand the concepts and most important thing is try to solve the exercise problems on your own i mean write the programs your self and execute them then it would be more interesting,do not mug-up any thing in ‘C’ understand it.



    I have been learning C and PHP by reading books..and whenever I get doubts I come to and do a quick search to find out the answer. If I don’t find it, I’ll ask in the forum.

    And I have been practicing all the video tutorial lessons published/produced by which has immensely helped in learning and understanding the logic.

    This has been a great time saver for me so far. I too think, BOOK is the best teacher.

    void main()
       printf("Hello Submeyar\n");
       printf("Welcome To C\n");
       printf("\n\n\n\nand Welcome To Technotip IT Solutions and Training Center\n");

    Hello Submeyar
    Welcome To C

    and Welcome To Technotip IT Solutions and Training Center



    @robocop, Glad to know that we at Technotip IT Solutions and Training Center could help you in learning computer programs.

    @submeyar, I think a teacher could save you a lot of time, as he imparts his knowledge and programming expertise / experience to you. But I think spoon feeding will diminish your logical thinking capability, which is one of the major component for a effective programmer.

    So better, learn on your own. Refer books. Participate on the forum. Try to help other people too with whatever you know. This way you would develop more skills. Together we can learn more.

    “If two people exchange $1, both will have $1 each. But if they exchange 1 idea, both will have 2 ideas each”.

    Get involved. Teach others whatever you learn. Share on the forum. Learn from others. Just reading won’t help, you have to practice by typing and running the program. Copy Paste won’t help 😉



    One thing that Really Annoy Me is that you said Without C, C++ will be Tough. While On other hand Most of Programmer i met says that C and C++ are Different and if SomeOne is learning C++ from the Scratch than its ok.

    See here is the Example;

    Check the Topic: “Do I need to know C to learn C++?”

    Like that I can Give other examples of Experts that say the same thing. Now this really Annoy me Because i Also Consider you an Expert Programmer that is saying Completely Opposite thing!



    You have asked experts who all ready have the knowledge of ‘c’,’c++’ and programming, once you become expert your answer will be same,we have mentioned the best way for beginners choice is yours.



    @submeyar, Well, I visited the site you are referring to and saw this answer there:

    Do I need to know C to learn C++?

    No. C++ is a superset of C; (almost) anything you can do in C, you can do in C++. If you already know C, you will easily adapt to the object-oriented features of C++. If you don’t know C, you will have to learn the syntax of C-style languages while learning C++, but you shouldn’t have any conceptual difficulties.

    that answer tells it all.

    The best way is to learn C and then C++ [period]

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