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    From your answer at: http://technotip.com/forums/topic/email-signature-link-shortening-facebook-feed-seo/#post-1005

    3rd point.

    Use Some plugins to optimize the images: These small things make the difference. Its an SEO advantage, if the blog loads faster.



    Yes, its an SEO advantage if the blog loads faster.

    You can use this plugin to optimize the images on your blog:

    Install wp-smushit wordpress plugin. Activate it.

    Log Into your wordpress dashboard -> got Media -> Bulk Smah It!
    Click on “Run all my images through WP Smush.it right now”

    Don’t worry, if you get some error messages at the end while its optimizing the images.

    This tool will run all of the images in your media library through the WP Smush.it web service. It won’t re-smush images that were successfully smushed before. It will retry images that were not successfully smushed.

    It uploads each and every file to Yahoo! and then downloads the resulting file. It can take a long time.

    We found 25 images in your media library. Be forewarned, it will take at least 1.25 minutes to process all these images if they have never been smushed before.

    N.B. If your server gzips content you may not see the progress updates as your files are processed.




    Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I have no idea how to intall wp-smushit. I didn’t install the plug-ins on the site. I did download it but have no idea what to do with it…and don’t want to make a mistake (which I do a lot on line). So could you get on my site…I think you no how to get ….. Install. Also, please check my other plug in and let me know if I should be adding any one or deleting. Thanks Satish.



    @Fran, Do not post your usernames/passwords on this forum.

    If you are a client, then send those sensitive information’s to relevant persons email (in your case Satish Sir).
    I’ve removed the username and password info from your query.

    Post all your questions/concerns in the forum, except passwords, credit card numbers, payment information’s etc.

    Please don’t be offended by my response here, I’m just here to enforce some basic rules in the interest of forum members.

    All the best with your online venture.



    Its very simple to install WordPress plugins. You can hardly get wrong with this, if you follow these steps.

    Step 1: Log into your WordPress dashboard.
    Step 2: Click on “Add New” or “Installed Plugins”.
    Step 3: If you clicked “Installed Plugins”; now click on “Add New” button at the top.


    Step 4: Now you can search plugin by keywords or directly upload from your computer.

    Step 5: In your case, you have downloaded wp-smushit! plugin on to your computer. So click on the ‘upload’ link at the top.


    Step 6: Now browse, select the plugin and install it.

    Step 7: When it asks for activation, just click on Activate Plugin.

    You’re done!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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