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    These are the key elements of any vehicle. The function of Acceleration, Brake and Clutch is same in all the vehicles.
    So just calm down, you’re not riding something which is impossible!

    As in two wheelers(Bike), in CAR too it’s little hard to leave the clutch and lightly apply the accelerator and start moving forward. Do you remember the days when you forgot to press the clutch before applying the break ? or you started accelerating after applying clutch? :p

    Similar things happen for sometime while learning CAR; until you get used to it. until your mind gets set to all these things.


    Just remember these simple things:
    There will be three things at your feet: Clutch, Brake, Acceleration.
    One leg must be on Clutch.
    Another leg must switch between Acceleration and Brake.

    The clutch is only used in manual (stick shift) vehicles. It disengages the gear from the flywheel so you can shift without ripping the teeth off your gears.

    The brake applies pressure to the brake pads, which slow the tires using friction.

    The accelerator controls the flow rate of gasoline into the engine, which in turn controls the speed at which the engine operates.

    You need to apply clutch immediately(harder and faster). But have to apply Brake and Acceleration slowly/gradually.


    Make sure to look far and not to the immediate right and left of the car. If you always concentrate on the immediate right and left of the car, then you would feel like rotating the steering the other way around, as if the car is near to something.

    Now the important thing:
    Whenever you press the clutch, make sure to take off your other leg from acceleration and keep it on the Brake. Not necessarily to press the brake. Just be ready or be in position.

    Whenever there is humps or speed breakers, slow down the car, by slowing down the car: Press Clutch immediately and slowly press the brake.


    1. There is a partition in the road. One for people coming from right and the other for people coming from left.
    Make sure to be in the center of your partition, and not to the corner.

    2. To slow down the car, you need not always press the brake pads. Simply press the clutch and lift the leg from the accelerator. This would gradually slow down the vehicle. This technique helps while in reverse gear.

    3. Make sure to tilt a little left and look back properly while in reverse gear. Make sure nothing is coming towards you in the front.

    4. You may get neck pain or back pain in the beginning days: Know that, it happens to some people and you are not alone!



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