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    Yes, you’re smart in your marketing techniques, if you’re using

    Its the best way you could drive traffic to your website/blog.

    For every retweet you’ll earn 1 point.
    You must accumulate 10 points before you could submit one of your tweets.
    i.e., You’ll be spending 10 points per submitted tweet.

    This ensures that, your own tweet gets maximum exposure.

    Update: You must have atleast 199 followers to become eligible. [ Changed this after a lot of requests. ]

    How it works ?
    We accept people who have atleast 1000 followers.
    If you get at the least 10 tweets, then there is a minimum change that your message will reach
    10 x 1000 = 10, 000 minimum.

    The chances are almost endless.

    In Its Early Beta: Private Release
    We are not yet open for the general public. If you’re into, then you must be someone special to me.

    If you find any errors, bugs, faults, then please take a screenshot and please post it here in the forum.
    This would help me to serve you the best.

    Purchasing Points:
    Not always we will have the time to accumulate 10 points, before we could submit our tweet.
    So we have added the facility to purchase the points.

    Shortly this feature will be automated. For now, you’ll have to create a thread in this forum or mail us with your paypal id and twitter id, after the payment is done.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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