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    How can I generate revenue from my website http://www.gharelurecipes.com.

    I keep updating the website twice or thrice a week with new content.

    what are the other steps i can take to do so.





    Indian food. I love it.

    This is an awesome topic to work on, and a profitable one.

    Nice to see your videos too.

    First thing: Video Monetization
    One major monetization technique would be to apply for YouTube Partnership program.
    This way, you could enjoy making videos as well as getting pay cheques for doing what you love.

    Next step is to accept sponsors to your blog.
    Since you’re blog is not yet popular, you may not get direct advertisers, so go with Adsense or other Pay Per Click Networks or Chitika like ad networks. This will earn you enough to pay for your hosting and domain renewal charges…and it may also start earning you enough to pay for most of your other offline bills too.

    Write An ebook
    You can also write an ebook about Indian food or related topic and sell it on your blog. This would yield you 100% profit.

    Some issues

    Your blog loads slow: Invest in a good hosting. Be serious about your business. Hope this is the right time. Today HostGator(the one which we too use and are satisfied with) is running some cool offer and providing 50% off on all it’s hosting plans. Go for it’s Hatchling Plan or baby Plan for now, once you start making more money you could upgrade your hosting plans.

    Content Management System: Use WordPress. It’s free.
    If you don’t know about it, you can ask in our forum in separate thread, and I’ll be happy to help you. Within some months you’ll start loving it and it’ll make blogging a lot easier.

    SEO: Since you’re having the text below your videos, it’ll help you get more search engine traffic and hence more money from your sponsors!

    WordPress will help you in SEO like a breeze.

    WordPress will allow your users to directly comment below your videos(articles), that would create more value, since you’ll be directly answering their queries. This would create more engagement, hence more return traffic — more money!

    Social Media
    Also integrate Social Media buttons(can be implemented easily using WordPress), this would bring some more traffic from social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.. more quality traffic, more money!

    Blog Design
    Use proper themes(many free themes available for WordPress), and show related article below each video, this will keep your visitors engaged on your site. Hence more page views, less bounce rates.. more engagement, more value, more money!

    Indian Food
    Your topic has lot of market value even outside India. Since Indian food is admired all over the world.

    If I was you, I would have even concentrated on providing tips for people to improve their health via their eating habits – this would provide additional value to my users.

    Repeat Users: Visitor To Subscribers
    And finally, there is no email / RSS subscription option on your blog ..this way you’er loosing a lot of users, hence money! Again, WordPress gives you easy options to allow users to become subscribers. This way, whenever you publish a new article / video on your blog, they’ll be notified with an email. All these facilities for free, yet you’ll make lot more money by those repeat visitors.

    Make Use of Images
    Images speak a thousand words!
    Images attract more image search traffic. Also, these images will be usually shown by the social media share buttons. So this will attract more visitors to your blog.

    Indian Food Is So Tasty! It’s picture / image itself brings water in the mouth 🙂


    Advertise Your Blog: Promote
    People need to know about you! What’s the use, if you have a great blog with lot of value and nobody is actually visiting your blog?
    You can produce more videos and articles and start advertising about your food blog on various other already popular food blogs, where your target audience reside.

    I can’t stress you enough about getting a good hosting and installing WordPress and start blogging on a regular basis.

    Hosting: HostGator. Use discount coupon “TechnotipDOTorg” (without quotes)
    and you will get first month hosting for FREE.
    You will also get $100 worth Free Google Adword Advertising along with
    hosting account.
    Use “alistblogger” (without quotes) and you will get 25% off of your hosting bill.
    You will also get $100 worth Free Google Adword Advertising along with
    hosting account.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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