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    Just signed up for 60 days. Yes….I’m going to go through the videos….BUT GEEZ Satish…every place and everyone has videos. Who has the time?

    Can you go over a few of the basics with me?

    Don’t know why we couldn’t connect yesterday on Skye. Did you check your end. I’ll be home in my office from 3pm on today. You?



    Fran, I use to get distracted with all these kind of things in the beginning days of my business.
    But later on I learnt that, it is more important to take action.

    Yes, as you said: everyone has videos these days. Including myself: Technotip Channel

    But who has the time ?
    Our target audience does. We need to write on topics which are pressing needs of our target audience.
    Ex: If someone is diagnosed with some illness wouldn’t they immediately rush and take the prescription, instead of going from shop to shop to see where they get it for a dollar less!

    Get Into Their Shoe
    Find your target audience, get to know their pressing needs: Solve them. And you would create a win-win situation.

    Here the keyword targeting or Market Samurai comes into picture.

    Instead of doing all these hyped up things, we can use some free tools and get better results.

    1. list all your keywords, which you want to rank for. (for each of your websites)

    2. To analyze the competition and the strength of the keyword, simple goto this free Google Adword tool.
    Fill the necessary things like: the Word or phrase related to the niche of your blog, which you want to rank for.

    Now hit “search” and Google Adword tool will show you the monthly search for those keywords.
    This way you could determine the competition.

    3. If its highly competitive keyword, then its hard to rank for it. In such case look for sub-niches, where you could rank for those keywords easily. Later on you could target the keywords with higher competition.

    4. Just use the keywords you listed, in your blog posts, title of your articles; use them while linking to your old articles etc.

    These are some of the basic stuffs you should be doing.

    Above and Beyond SEO: critical factor
    Do not get overwhelmed by all these things because, above all, your readers and their engagement with your website and their willingness to share your articles with their friends is very important. For long term Google will manage to rank you high, if the level of engagement is higher on your blog. So concentrate more on providing value to your readers: and this is the ultimatum!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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