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    I am running a Hmail server which is relying on mySQL for storing data . I noticed that accounts are stored in the table called hm_accounts.  What is the code to register a new email address on my server by using the signup form.

    Original signup.php
    < ?php include_once("db.php"); ?>

    < ?php $user = $_POST['n']; $pass = $_POST['p']; $id = $_POST['id']; #$sql = "INSERT into phplogin values(".$id.",'".$user."','".$pass."')"; $sql = "INSERT into phplogin values($id,'$user','$pass')"; $qury = mysql_query($sql); #  INSERT into phplogin values( #   1, #   'satish', #   'satish'); if(!$qury) { echo "Failed ".mysql_error(); echo "
    echo "
    echo "Successful";
    echo "
    echo "
    My Codes for Signup Form

    < html >
    < form action="signup.php" method="post" >
    Desired complete with
    < input type="text" name="accountaddress"/ >
    Desired Password:< input type="password" name="accountpassword" />
    Account Id      :< input type="text" name="accountid"/ >
    < input type="submit"/>
    < /form >
    < /html >

    The table created by hmail server in my mysql database( in xps form)

    Can someone please analyze all these information and tell me what should I change on “signup.php” and “signupform.php”

    Thank You !




    You should modify the mysql to

    $accountaddress = $_POST[‘accountaddress’];
    $accountpassword = $_POST[‘accountpassword’];
    INSERT into phplogin(‘accountaddress’, ‘accountpassword’) values($accountaddress,’$accountpassword’)

    Other fields:
    You can auto-increment accountid.
    Also implement email verification through this mechanism:
    accountlevel has to be set.
    and the email account creation set using now() function, and expiration set by admin or is preset for some predetermined period of time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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