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    I have the Network Publisher plug-in and it allows me to post both follow and share icons for most social networks – but not Google+
    Right now I have little icons in the widget column for FB, Twitter, and Linked In. Is it possible to create an icon that looks just like the other ones that could appear next to them to invite readers to follow me on Google+ ? And what about a sharing icon? Currently all my share icons appear at the bottom of my posts – EXCEPT Google+ . I had to place a totally different looking share icon at the top of the post (a google+ plug in).

    Any advice gratefully appreciated. Thanks!



    Firstly, was very pleased to look at lord Ganesha on your blog as the first post(My Meditation Experiment: article).

    Follow Me Button:
    It is possible to include a simple image(size as the other icons) of Google+ and link it to your G+ profile or Fan page.

    The code to link a image and make the link open in new window:


    Change the href link to your profile link

    You can right click and save below image; upload it to your server via WordPress/FTP and link it using above html code.

    Working Ex:



    I would recommend going with JetPack plugin from WordPress itself, for showing SHARE icons. Its easy to configure it and it shows all icons in a row.

    Further, the plugin has a lot of other useful features like stats etc.

    I would say this plugin as a must for any user.

    After installing this, you could remove the plugin which you’re using to show G+ (+1) button at the top of every article.



    You can manually get the code for these buttons at



    One more suggestion

    I visited both of your blogs.

    One of your blog is hosted at !

    I don’t understand why you host blog at when you already have a hosting account?
    You can host the “grownupmom” blog also with your present host of and I don’t think you’ll need to pay again for this.

    Most of the time, its like: Pay for one a/c and host as many domains you want. You won’t be paying a single extra cent for that.

    just my 2 cents.



    Thank you for all the valuable info Satish! I will play around with placing these images later on today. So great to have a resource like this – thank you!!
    I hadn’t even realized I could host the other blog at WTNW site. I actually already bought a domain name for Grown Up Mom – but I’ve been procrastinating moving it over because I’m so afraid of the migration process. I’m definitely a tech newbie!



    Sarah, I guess you are hosting your blogs at DreamHost. I would recommend going with HostGator.
    Anyway, let me know, if you need any help with the migration process. We do it a lot! and have got good feed back too 😉

    If you want to do it yourself, that would be great. I’ll always be happy to help you in the forum here.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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