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    Thanks.It worked.

    Let’s see if you can get going on a few things without having to wait for Skype.

    1. Adding an Awake Create link (and perhaps logo) from all of my e-mail addresses. I’ll give you all of them with my passwords if you tell me you can do it.

    2. I sm having trouble shortening links on both Twitter and Facebook. I joined and am still not able to do it. I used to be able to click on a button on twitter and my tweets would auromatically shrink;

    3. When I put up a new post, 2 copies of it show up on Facebook. It looks like I signed up with both Facebook and perhaps Networked Blogs.

    And the links on all of the posts on Facebook have awakecreateawakecreate written on them. Can you check and see if you can fix it?

    4. SEO for all 3 sites…..I don’t know what that entails so please explain.

    Let me know if you understand what I’ve written.

    Also, I am working at my daughter’s store today. If you need to talk with me via Skype,, send me a note and I’ll turn it on.

    And if you’re not working today (Sunday is a work day in Israel), we’ll be in touch tomorrow.




    Quick how-to video explaining the procedure to add email signature automatically at the end of each email you send using Gmail and/or Google Apps email account.



    Twitter uses and Facebook uses to shorten the links automatically.

    Do you want to implement Twitter, Facebook buttons on your blog; and when users click on it, it should be shared with a shortened link ? just works fine.

    Goto and at the center there is space to put your original link, and then hit “Shorten” button. That’s it.



    Facebook: Ya you are right. You can revoke access to Networkblog app. That would solve the first problem.

    And the awakecreateawakecreate is due to a small setting in your WordPress blog: maybe general setting or maybe SEO plugin.



    SEO: Actually you need not worry about SEO atall. Just make sure to have some basic plugins like:

    1. All-In-One SEO plugin.

    2. Sitemap plugins for blog, image and videos on your blog.

    3. Some plugins to optimize the images: These small things make the difference. Its an SEO advantage, if the blog loads faster.

    4. Removing link from the single.php page title.

    5. Submit all sitemaps to Google, Bing.

    6. Verify all your sites on Webmasters tool.

    7. List some keywords that you want to rank for, for each of your blogs. Then make sure to use those keywords(in your articles) more often than not.

    8. As far as possible, write on topic.

    9. And as far as possible be consistent with the content: write regularly or write with a regular gaps. Let the search engine guess at what day/time it should crawl your blog.

    10. Keep linking to relevant articles in your archive, using the proper keywords: it is technically called ‘On Site SEO!’

    11. Best of all.. write guest posts and keep participating in forums like this.



    12. Use better permalink structure for your blog:

    13. Include keywords in your blog title, as far as possible; without annoying the readers.

    14. Make sure to use proper descriptions in the alt tag of the images and anchor tags.

    15. Also read this



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    Email Marketing:
    You can increase the number of subscribers by offering them a free ebook or something like that upon signing up.



    You say…
    Keep linking to relevant articles in your archive, using the proper keywords: it is technically called ‘On Site SEO!’

    Please show me what you mean using an example from AwakeCreate



    Fran, I have answered to this @

    Hope that helps.

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