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    Kannada Movie: Edegarike (ಎದೆಗಾರಿಕೆ)
    Movie Type: Crime: Underworld – Mumbai and Bangalore
    Year: 2012
    Director: Sumana Kittur
    Script And Dialogues: Agni Shridhar
    Movie Banner: Megha Movies
    Producers: Syed Aman Bachchan and M.S. Ravindra
    Lead Role: Aditya, Atul Kulkarni and Akanksha.

    Edegarike Promo Video

    Atul Kulkarni
    Achyuth Kumar
    Sharath Lohitashwa
    Srujan Lokesh

    First Thing First: Fact
    This movie is based on the script written by Agni Shridhar and is a real-world incident took place in 1990’s and is involved with people like Sridhar, Muthappa Rai and Bachchan.


    Story Line
    Sona(aditya) is a sharp shooter. He does job for Dubai Bhai. Sona is directed by the planner Thukaram Shetty (Achyuth Kumar), to kill people: Business people, Aged, And people of their own gang, when they disobey.

    Sona, falls in love with Rashmi (Akansha), and as expected wants to quit his underworld activity and wants to lead a happy, peaceful life with his girlfriend.

    But Dubai bai gets upset and assigns the job of killing Sona to Muthappa Rai (Dharma) – who inturn assigns this job to Sreedhar (Atul Kulkarni).

    Karnataka police keeps searching Sona and as a lead to catch him, they arrest Rashmi and ask her to convince Sona to surrender.

    Since Sona thinks, Rashmi’s life won’t be nice with him, as he is surrounded by killers and police and other underworld people, he wants to kill himself.


    Finally, Sona wants to end his life with his own GUN. So he hands over his Gun to Sreedhar and asks to complete his job.

    Little bit boring ..since it has more of talking heads than the actual picturization.

    Even though it’s a movie about underworld activity, they’ve kept the scenes not so violent.



    Video: Neenondu mugiyada mouna

    Singer + Music: Sadhu Kokila


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