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    Dear Friends,

    I’m half way writing my first ebook. I need to make sure it’s 100% informative/valuable/useful and I include everything about business I’ve learnt so far in 5 years. Putting together 5 years of business experience and experiment results would take time.

    Topics covers – roughly as of now
    Blogging and Business
    Monetization of Business
    Psychology and Business
    . ..and a lot more interesting things in detail


    This book already contains a lot of useful information and I’m almost sure to fix the price as $49

    Initially I thought it would be good to sell it at $94
    Infact many of my close associates and friends who read this half completed, not so well organized book and recommended me to go with $99 But I intended to write this ebook mainly to help people in their business and life. And also I wanted a solid documentation of whatever I’ve learnt over years of self study, observation and experiments.

    So the price will be fixed later after the book is complete and after I get feedback from my early readers and business associates.

    But for early adapters of the book, I would like to give a huge first mover advantage. And ofcourse, that would even support me in the process of writing the book and the cost associated with it.

    If you would like a huge discount, and would love to support me in the good cause, you can pre-order the book for just $19 -> Invest Now

    With Best Regards,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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