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    Worst thing about my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is, it doesn’t come with an inbuilt voice recorder. How could they forget such a basic thing which I even had in Nokia 6630 ?

    Well, I know they have apps to do that. Really crappy apps to accomplish this job.
    So far, I have tested a lot of them, but none of them live upto the minimum expectations 🙁

    Click on the androRec Call app icon

    Click the first button and enable the recording.

    Click on log to see the recorded and saved calls. click on the individual recordings to play or delete.

    Upto some extent, AndroRec Call app can be used. In all other apps voice of the person who is talking on the other side of the phone does not get recorded properly: and that is what we want the recorder in the first place. Sadly enough, no app does this job properly.
    Among the apps we have tested so far, AndroRec Call in ok. yes, its just ok and not excellent.

    The user interface is very simple, which is good. I expect it to do its job better in the future updates.

    Download androRec Call

    Video Demo of androRec Call

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