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    Have you ever waited long enough to get connected to the call, to book your gas / cylinder ?

    Trying almost days to get to talk to them ?

    Don’t worry from now..the automated process has removed a lot of hassle.

    Now you’ll get your cylinder refilled according to first come first serve basis and there is no one to speak to, to book.

    gas cylinder

    Just dial: 9964023456
    And follow the immediate voice response you get.

    It will prompt you to select the language.
    Later, it will ask you to type your gas company phone number (by which it will automatically detect your gas company)
    Then it’ll ask for your consumer number, and it’ll give you a order number.

    That’s it. Now your order will be processed and you’ll not have to talk to any person or retry hell lot of times for the phone to connect to your gas company.

    This phone number works for Davangere region. Let us know, if it works for your area too; if not, let us know the number for your area.

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