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Our mission is to help people around the world educate themselves using our video tutorials and notes that we distribute freely all over the web. We also take pride in helping special children with part of our income on a regular basis.

“There are people who give with joy,
and that joy is their reward.”

To help more than a couple of Billion people in their education and help them succeed MASSIVELY in their profession.

My name is Satish. I have masters degree in Computers – MCA (‘Master of Computer Applications’) – if it matters to anyone!

Sadly, the college I joined wasn’t a good place to learn computer programming – teachers were highly incompetent and hence I had to regularly be irregular to college and start learning it myself – with the help of internet and a lot of books. I don’t think I would have learn’t more if I had gone to college regularly. What I don’t like in college is the usual politics and useless discouragements from lecturers. I don’t like listening to – you don’t know that, you don’t know this etc. If possible a lecturer must try to inspire the student, if not, he must simply do his job without talking much other than his/her subject.

I know a lot of lecturers who are both inspiring and helpful, I would love to listen to such people. I would love to bring them to this website and eventually involve them in online teaching, to help you get most value from this website. My main aim is to help people achieve their dreams.

Have Quality Dreams:
Don’t just have dreams to rank more than your friend or a competitor. That’s a low aim. I would recommend you to dream bigger and better. If you think your competition is in the small world of your classroom, then you are dreaming too small. The world is bigger and competition doesn’t work.

Competition doesn’t work any more, Only thing that works is co-operation and sharing of knowledge. – Satish

Share what you learn, teach others what you have learn’t and let them teach what they have learn’t. Always be open to learning. So both of you will have learn’t much more than what you could have learn’t individually. That’s the beauty of co-operation and knowledge sharing.

“If two people exchange $1, both will have $1 each. But if they exchange 1 idea, both will have 2 ideas each”.

Dream Big:
1. Be a go-to person among your friends and colleagues.
2. Be an authority in your field.(Both in your college and in career.)
3. Finally some day quit your job(if you wish) and work on your own and live the life that you love.
4. Enjoy life with loved ones while you are working on your own. Because, people around you are much more important than anything in the world.
5. Be an entrepreneur.
6. Make a difference.
7. Finally help others achieve their dreams. Nothing is more satisfying than helping others.

About Technotip.com:
I want to help as many students and IT professionals(new and experienced) by teaching them whatever I have learned all these years(and still learning). I would love to take up this as my full time career. I can’t imagine getting up and running to a 9 to 5 job in the morning to work for someone that doesn’t matter the most.

My hobby of helping people have almost turned into my full time job and I love it. I get up early each day excited about my work. My bed room is my office. Though I have plans to have a separate work room inside my home.

If you don’t have programming background:
I have seen many people taking interest and achieve greater heights with programming. So its absolutely possible. You can work hard to start learning HTML5, css, javascript, jQuery, nodejs, mongodb etc and finally you can start providing online/offline website building service. Website is a crustal requirement of any business these days and you will have a greater chance if you already built-up your profile by helping people and getting positive feedback(testimonial). Opportunities are abundant.

There are many places where you can bid for mini projects and work for it and get paid from the comfort of your home. I have earned thousands of dollars in this way. Only thing is, you must have interest in learning. You can know more about online earning, marketing and a lot more in my book Millionaire Mastermind.

Websites we own:

So I am Satish, CEO of my company Technotip.