Accessing localhost Web-server on Mac and PC


Make sure that you turn on the Wamp if you are on a PC and Mamp if you are on Mac.

PC users can access their web files using the URL http://localhost/

Mac users can access their web files using the URL http://localhost/~yourUserDirectory

yourUserDirectory is the user account name of your Mac computer using which you have logged in.

On my Mac, I have a user directory by name Satish. So I can access my web files using http://localhost/~Satish

On Mac, once you enter http://localhost/~yourUserDirectory it automatically changes the URL – but don’t worry about it, its working fine and that’s how it works!

Let non of these small things make you not use the web server. I am writing this because, some times small things like this suck a lot of time and some people may even start feeling this as something very much technical and complicated and may leave the idea of learning altogether.

If you successfully accessed your web files from your localhost web server, then congratulations. Continue your exploration. We have a lot of simple PHP examples on this website that you may want to try. All the Best.

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