Getting Started: Node.js


This video tutorial illustrates, running node.js programs.

Downloading procedure, links to official site.
Getting started with first node.js application(‘ Hello World ‘) program.



  console.log('Hello World');

This line, prints the string Hello World on the console window.

Goto command prompt and navigate to the directory where you’ve saved hello.js file.
Now type the following command to execute the node.js program

 node hello.js

i.e., node is the command followed by file name.

Hello World: Node.js

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YouTube Link: [Watch the Video In Full Screen.]

Hello World

To let you know, I’m writing my code on Windows 7 Operating System. So please check with alternative methods for your operating system. If there’s any significant difference, do let us know in the comment section. Most of the code we write must work across various platforms.

Next Video..
This video tutorial is just to get you started with node.js
In our next video we’ll show you how to create a server using node.js and get the response from our server on to the web browser(upon request).

Stay tuned, it’s fun to explore it.

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